2017 travel plans

* Exploring Mauretania (Roman Morocco) –  February 2017


* Portrait of Emperor Hadrian at the Acropolis Museum (Athens) –  March 2017

The Acropolis Museum honors the anniversary of the 1900 years since the ascent to the throne of Emperor Hadrian, a friend and benefactor of Athens, with the presentation of an exquisite portrait of the Emperor found in Syngrou Avenue, and an interesting video, produced by the Museum, which showcases the Emperor’s immense building program concerning the city of Athens in the 2nd cent. AD.


* Exploring Ancient Jordan – April 2017


* Exhibition: Hadrian and His Cavalry at 10 sites across Hadrian’s Wall (UK)


* Hadrian 1900 in Turkey – July 2017


* Hadrian 1900 in Turkey – October 2017


* Hadrian 2017. Metamorphosis: The birth of a new Rome exhibition November 2017 at the Archaeological Museum of Seville (Spain)