Following Hadrian goes on holiday to explore Histria and Dalmatia!

In just a few hours I will be travelling to Croatia for one week to explore the Roman provinces of Histria and Dalmatia (Croatia).

Most of the best preserved Roman monuments in Istria are found in Pula… the Temple of Augustus and the magnificent Amphitheatre built in the 1st century AD. On the shore of Dalmatia Roman traders established themselves in a number of towns, Iader (Zadar), Salona, Narona, Epidaurum. The capital Salona was protected by two military camps at Burnum and Tilurium. Dalmatia was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who, upon retirement from Emperor, built Diocletian’s Palace near Salona.

Territory of the Iron Age Liburnians in the period of the Roman conquest (1st century BC – 1st century AD), based on source: S. Čače, Broj liburnskih općina i vjerodostojnost Plinija (Nat. hist. 3, 130; 139-141), Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta u Zadru, 32, Zadar 1993., pages 1-36 (Wikipedia)

This Google map shows all the museums and archaeological sites that I wish to visit.

Following Hadrian in Dalmatia? Unfortunately there is no evidence of Hadrianic buildings in Dalmatia. The province was well established by the time Hadrian came into power. However, in the first year of his reign, Hadrian made his way to Rome from Antioch per Illyricum, a journey that may have take him through Dalmatia (Historia Augusta). He crossed the sea to Italy from either the port of Salona or Iader (Zadar) before reaching Rome on 9th July 118.


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