Hadrian’s imperial travels

Map of the travels of Hadrian.
(map created on the occasion of the “Hadrian, Saviour and Builder” exhibition at the Fethiye Mosque in Athens in 2018)

Chronology of Hadrian’s Journeys

117–118: Returning to Rome from Syria by way of the north-eastern frontier
117: Syria, Cilicia, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia
118: Bithynia, Thracia, Moesia Superior and Inferior, Pannonia Superior and Inferior, Dalmatia

121–126: 1st voyage
121: Narbonensis, Lugdunensis
122: Lugdunensis, Germania Superior & Inferior, Raetia, Noricum, Britannia, Belgica, Aquitania, Tarraconensis
123: Tarraconensis, Syria, Cappadocia, Bithynia and Pontus
124: Bithynia and Pontus, Asia, Achaea
125-6: Achaea, Macedonia, Epirus, Sicilia

128–132: 2nd voyage
128: Sicilia, Africa Proconsularis, Numidia, Mauretania Caesarensis, Achaea
129: Achaea, Asia, Galatia, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Syria
130: Syria, Arabia, Iudaea, Aegyptus
131: Aegyptus, Lycia and Pamphylia, Asia, Thracia, Moesia Inferior, Macedonia, Achaea
132: Achaea

132-135 Organized revolt of the Jews under Bar Kokhba and their final dispersion

Source: http://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/ifa/zpe/downloads/2000/133pdf/133221.pdf


Map: The Roman Empire under Hadrian in 117 AD

The Roman Empire under Trajan in 117; Imperial provinces are shaded green, Senatorial provinces are shaded pink, and client states are shaded gray.Public Domain

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