Hadrian’s imperial travels

Map travels Hadrian

Chronology of Hadrian’s Journeys

117–118: Returning to Rome from Syria by way of the north-eastern frontier
117: Syria, Cilicia, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia
118: Bithynia, Thracia, Moesia Superior and Inferior, Pannonia Superior and Inferior, Dalmatia

121–125: 1st voyage
121: Narbonensis, Lugdunensis
122: Lugdunensis, Germania Superior & Inferior, Raetia, Noricum, Britannia, Belgica, Aquitania, Tarraconensis
123: Tarraconensis, Syria, Cappadocia, Bithynia and Pontus
124: Bithynia and Pontus, Asia, Achaea
125: Achaea, Macedonia, Epirus, Sicilia

128–132: 2nd voyage
128: Sicilia, Africa Proconsularis, Numidia, Mauretania Caesarensis, Achaea
129: Achaea, Asia, Galatia, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Syria
130: Syria, Arabia, Iudaea, Aegyptus
131: Aegyptus, Lycia and Pamphylia, Asia, Thracia, Moesia Inferior, Macedonia, Achaea
132: Achaea

132-135 Organized revolt of the Jews under Bar Kokhba and their final dispersion

134 Hadrian at Rome

Source: http://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/ifa/zpe/downloads/2000/133pdf/133221.pdf


Map: The Roman Empire under Hadrian in 117 AD

The Roman Empire under Trajan in 117; Imperial provinces are shaded green, Senatorial provinces are shaded pink, and client states are shaded gray.Public Domain

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