Portraits of Antinous

Article: Looking for Antinous https://antigonejournal.com/2022/02/looking-for-antinous/

Part of a statue of Antinous depicted as Apollo, 130-138 AD, from the Via dei Fori Imperiali Rome Centrale Montemartini, Rome
Bust of Antinous, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Aquileia


An anthropomorphic balsamarium (ointment container) in the form of Antinous dressed in a fawn skin (attribute of the god Dionysos), 2nd century AD.
Mougins Museum of Classical Art, France.

Other scupltures…

Renaissance copy of a bronze head of Antinous, probably executed at the time of Cosimo I before 1574, National Archaeological Museum of Florence, Italy

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  1. It’s interesting, don’t you think…that while most writers on Roman history are male, those on Hadrian have a fair number of women writers (Speller, Yourcenar, you). It would be fascinating to know the reason why. Do you think Antinous and his relationship with Hadrian plays a role? Perhaps Hadrian’s relationship with Sabina?

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