Portraits of Hadrian

In search of the 150 surviving portraits of Hadrian… 93 portraits gathered so far.

Hadrian was a pleasant man to meet and he possessed a certain charm. Dio Cassius, 69, 2.6

Head of Hadrian, Arco Santo, Capalbio, Italy.


Map of the current locations of the surviving portraits of Hadrian based on “Les portraits d’Hadrien: typologie et ateliers” Cécile Evers & German Archaeological Institute (DAI) http://arachne.uni-koeln.de/

9 thoughts on “Portraits of Hadrian”

  1. Dear Carole, the location of San Fruttuoso, near Genova, Italy, is incorrect: the Marble head inside the wall belongs to Antoninus Pius not Hadrian. Perhaps you may find most portraits of the Emperor around Genova, over the monumental portals of aristochratic mansions and in the Museum of S.Agostino.


  2. Well done!! BRAVO! Do you know how the roman artists worked? Many of them had of course never seen the emperor himself? The camera wasn`t invented, neither printing tecniques for spreading pictures of the face. Did they have plaster copies of a famaous sculpture to copy??


    1. Could you please tell me which ones are not Hadrian and which one is his father? The only doubt I have is about the portrait of Hadrian from Apollonia. I have never heard of a surviving portrait of Publius Aelius Hadrianus Afer. Is it one from from Hadrian’s Mausoleum?


  3. In my collection I have a bronze head of Hadrian from the 16th century. It derives from the plaster preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Padua…

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