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Hadrian at the Acropolis Museum of Athens

The Acropolis Museum in Athens celebrated the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian's accession with the presentation of an exquisite portrait of the Emperor found in Syngrou Avenue and of an interesting video which showcased the Emperor’s immense building program in Athens. The presentation run from 15th January to 31st March 2017. Hadrian was a dedicated philhellene… Continue reading Hadrian at the Acropolis Museum of Athens

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Exploring Hadrian’s Athens

Hadrian was a dedicated philhellene who admired Greek culture and did his best to be accepted and admired by the Greeks. He visited Greece three times when he was emperor (124/5, 128/9 and 131/2 AD) and he was especially fond of Athens. Pausanias writes that "the Emperor Hadrian generosity to his subjects was bestowed most… Continue reading Exploring Hadrian’s Athens