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The Acts of the Arval Brethren of AD 118 (#Hadrian1900)

In 2014, Rome celebrated the¬†bimillenary of the death of Emperor Augustus who took his last breath aged 75 in his villa in the town of Nola in AD 14. To commemorate this important milestone, the Italian capital launched a series of special events, including the opening of the Villa di Livia in Prima Porta and… Continue reading The Acts of the Arval Brethren of AD 118 (#Hadrian1900)

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Io, Saturnalia!

Happy Saturnalia! December 17 marked the beginning of Saturnalia, one of the most popular festivals in Ancient Rome. The midwinter celebrations lasted for several days (the number changed through the Roman era), and it was a time of feasting, partying, playing games, gift-giving and role-reversal. It was the merriest festival of the year, and all… Continue reading Io, Saturnalia!

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Io, Saturnalia!

Happy Saturnalia to all! Today, December 17, marks the beginning of the Saturnalia, a festival held in honour of Saturn that lasted for between 3 and 7 days. It originated as a farmer‚Äôs festival to mark the end of the autumn planting season in honour of Saturnus and despite Livy's claim that the festival was… Continue reading Io, Saturnalia!